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Event horizon

In this piece the beauty and simplicity of being in nature is completely stripped away, showcasing people abandoning their morals and highlighting the “survival of the fittest” mentality which hinders our growth as a species. It questions existence, afterlife, reincarnation, and relays the feeling of discomfort that overcomes us living in New York City.  The painting’s large scale and bright color palette draws the viewer into various scenes of people marching and being swallowed into the city skyline in the background – blurring the image of the sky and the water. There are apocalyptic scenes including a UFO and alien figures descending upon the muddled human figures while they march, fight, and become engulfed by the sky. It highlights the absence of nature in a concrete city and acknowledges the potential of life outside this planet. 

Photography credit: Luke Golden

Oill and wax on stretched canvas
Size: 48 X 60

Original Available for Purchase:
Inquire About Purchasing Original »

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